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You have 24/7 hours professional support in`Handhelds/PDAs because of mine 9 years’ experience with postgraduate certification in system security and administration


Masters in System Administration: UK

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Personal digital assistant (PDA)/hand held devices for integrated field data collection, Implementation of personal digital assistant in patient record and charting system, malicious threats to personal digital assistants, personal digital assistants for operational managers, personal digital assistants, wireless computing, smart cards, biometrics, hand held PDAs AND wearable computing devices, wireless-enabled personal digital assistants (PDA) to access information and communication patterns, personal digital assistant adoption in medical practices and nursing profession, conduct security awareness and training, personal digital assistant enhancing independence, PDAs and digital forensics, information architecture process, handhelds for nursing and clinical informatics

Experience & Qualifications

I have been hired in the year of 2008 for … Private Ltd as a full time Information system analyst to analyze effectiveness and operating of information system infrastructure. Currently, key duties and responsibilities include analyzing, designing, and maintaining information systems. Providing instructions and training to staff in analyzing data and developing logical solutions to complex application problems. Adapting to innovative technologies and instructing new system integration.