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Db 2 is a full-offered SQL-based DBMS that turned into IBM's significant database item, so i have also practiced it a lot and can guide you best


Bachelors in Computer Science Gold Medalist
Masters in Computer Science Silver Medalist

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I can fluently work with c/c++,Oracle, MASM, ASP.net,Net beans, MATLAB, PHP, Dream Weaver, CS6, SPSS, MS Project, enterprise Data Bases,Oracle 10g and 11g, Microsoft Office, Visual Studio 2010, Operating Systems, Windows 2000/ XP /2003 Server/ windows 7/windows 8/Linux.. Also know how to recover system from breakdowns and software restoration. I have been working with various organizations for different kind events, and have gained experience for handling any sort of problem that could arise.

Experience & Qualifications

Snake Game.
Desktop game in c++ which is depicts behavior and functionality same as Snake game in Nokia.
Tetras game
Assembly language game (MASM). This depicts behavior and functionality same as in Nokia Tetras games.
Company analysis (A phone company)
Management project for a telecom company. Report analysis which shows how the company work in different layers and how it manage its resources.
Boutique Management system
Made inventory system for an boutiques and also made an online website for that boutique in Asp.net and windows Form using C#.
Socket Implementation.
Project of how to transfer files via networks.
Object oriented analysis and Design Object oriented analysis and design techniques are implemented for an online fee submission system for FAST university students.
Software Engineering
Software engineering techniques on “Mobile payment System”.
“Fault Tolerant Distributed hash tables Based Location Management Approach”
Main objective of this project is (1) to propose a distributed location management system that will help in resolving problems in currently deployed centralized systems (2) to do performance evaluation of proposed system.
An application for Data Warehouse Process i.e. extract, profile, transform, load, cubes generation and answering business intelligence questions
An application for finding shortest path (Dijkstra’s algorithm) and assigning minimum wavelengths to path.
Design and implementation of software engineering design principles on “mobile payment system”
Medical management system using ASP.NET
• 40th position out of 4500 participants all over Pakistan in ‘International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest’ at ‘Junior Level’,
• Awarded the ‘Best Computer Project’ certificate (O levels).
• 35th position out of 1200 participants all over Pakistan in ‘International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest’ at ‘Student Level’,
• Received a ‘Gold Award’ in ‘World Maths Day’,
• Awarded the ‘Best Computer Project’ certificate (AS levels),
• Runner-up in the ‘Strongest Team’ competition,
• 3rd Position in English Essay writing competition.
• Designed Computer Systems for two shops, namely; ‘The Sheri Gym’ and ‘The Classic Cleaners’,
• 2nd Position in the ‘Annual Science Fair’,
• 51st position out of 2000 participants all over Pakistan in ‘International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest’ at ‘Student Level’,
• Successfully completed “The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Foundation Pakistan” course for the Gold Standard,
• Awarded the ‘Best Computer Project’ certificate (A levels).
• Awarded a Gold Medal for Rugby in the Tri-Series matches between FAST-NU and Lahore university
• Awarded a Gold Medal for the GPA obtained in the Fall – 2010 session.
• Inducted in Rector’s list of Honor for Fall 2010 session at FAST – NU Islamabad,
• Awarded a shield for Rugby in the fixture between Lahore university and FAST-NU,
• Inducted in Dean’s list of Honor for Spring 2011 session at FAST – NU Islamabad,
• Second runner-up in the ‘Rugby Festival 2011’.
• Awarded a shield for ‘Best Overall Performance’ in Stage drama
• Winners of ‘Lahore University Rugby X’s Tournament’ from University Pool, held in Lahore university in collaboration with Pakistan Rugby Union.