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PC Games

Playing World of Warcraft now for over 12 Years and was in some of the best Guilds like SK Gaming and insider Knowlegde that i´ll tell you to dominate Azeroth.


Social Media Manager,SEO.

My Expert Service

We can talk and find a Solution for you. Got knowlegde of the Internetculture and Subcultures and insider Knowledge what you all can do on the Web. I´m working now for over 6 Years with Socialmedia and i love this Culture and know places which nobody should ever have seen. I use the Internet now for over 15 Years so i got some more "Real Experience" than Peope which studied it and never spend time and work into it.

Experience & Qualifications

Deepweb Facebook Marketingideas and other kinds to improve your Skills in Web 2.0 Psychologic i´m reachable also via Email and will make fair Prices. We tell about it before i start to help you, that means you only pay for that we have said before.