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Computer virus

I can help you get rid of a virus / spyware / malware / adware which infected your computer / portable disk drive / flash / tablet. I have hundreds of happy clients.


My Expert Service

I am a computer enthusiast. I am a computer programmer by profession. I can uproot virus, spyware, adware, malware, root kit, key logger and any other harmful infections from your computer. Even if its a 0-day infection, you dont have to wait for antivirus vendors to update their virus detection signatures. Contact me and feel at ease.

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Experience & Qualifications

I have helped a number of people via Live Person facility in less than a year with outstanding ratings. I have saved hundreds of hours of valuable time of my clients.
I am working as a computer programmer as well as a computer troubleshooting expert. I am not only a good JAVA programmer but also a good expert of troubleshooting computer problems. I have fixed infected computers many a times.