MS, BA in English, BS engineering

My Expert Service

With more than 10 year experience in the teaching field that I have and many professional degrees and certificated I can help you I am an experienced tutor and have more than 3 years’ experience in the field of tutoring. My areas of expertise are Technology, Computer Sciences, and Databases (Access, SQL, My SQL, ASAP, Php, Oracle, VB, and SAP, ), etc. I have also expertise in Assembly, Java, VB, C++, C sharp, .NET, PHP, Mobile Apps Development ) Networking and System Administration etc.

Experience & Qualifications

I am able to provide tutoring at an international platform as I have more than 4 years of tutoring experience and 2 years of working experience with multinational organizations. I also secured a Gold Medal in major subjects. My rich experience and broaden vast knowledge can assure you quality tutoring.