Joe Becwar

Joe Becwar Away
Expert in:
Work-Life Balance

Experienced Life Coach to help you with issues that are holding you back in life and set goals that will empower you! I am here to listen and help you.


Bachelor Degree in Social Work; Certified Life Coach; Business Mastery University.

My Expert Service

Are you ready to get the most out of life? Are you ready to make decisions or to create change in your life, relationships, or career? I am here to help you with:

* Balancing work and personal responsibilities

* Pursuing goals

* Living life to its full potential

* Discovering your true passions and incorporating them into your life/career

* Starting a new business

* Job satisfaction and effectiveness/changing careers

* Managing your employees.

Together, we will identify your needs and your goals by assessing your strengths and limitations. We will work at uncovering new or different perspectives for your situation, to creatively problem-solve, to generate new solutions, and to experience more possibilities toward reaching personal success.

I will provide a space where the focus is fully on you and your life, your dreams, your goals, your struggles, your concerns. You will find that I am an attentive sounding board; someone who will listen without judgment, ask the right questions and help you clarify your thoughts and desires.

Experience & Qualifications

I have embraced personal development, goal setting, and the desire to improve my life since college while attaining a degree in social work. I have not only been influenced by successful people – I have worked directly with some of the most successful names in business (Calvin Klein, Donna Karan) and their organizations, as well as motivational teachers, authors and speakers in the industry. Having already leveraged that knowledge to transform my own life, I decided I should make it available to enrich the lives of other people who want to create real change in their lives. Thus, in 2008 I formed Joe and Coaching & Consulting Group LLC. As an author, I have enjoyed seeing people benefit from my most recent book, “Get On Track: Let Go and Move On with Your Life and Goals.” This easy-to-follow book, and accompanying workbook with practice exercises, reveals clear and simple guidance and understanding of how to create more happiness, love, success, and wealth in your life by overcoming fears, finding your passion in life and work, setting goals and achieving them.