Clinical Coordinator and Court Team Liaison in six clinic practice,Master's Professional Counseling,Psychology, Bilingual Therapist, AACC member, Strategic Intervention and Energy Control, Crisis Intervention Team Leader, Producer and Director of Strategic Communication Videos, Consultant on film and television shows. Recently appeared on the CNN network program"HLN After Dark-to discuss psychological aspects of the Jodi Arias Trial with Dr.Drew.

My Expert Service

I'm Robert Betancourt, your online counselor and catalyst for positive change. Drawing inspiration from my mentor, a respected figure in the realm of personal development, my counseling style is crafted to empower individuals facing motivation challenges. About Me: With a background in psychology and a commitment to guiding individuals towards a life of purpose and motivation, my approach is influenced by the transformative insights of a mentor known for igniting the flame of positive change. Together, we'll unravel the layers of your motivation and chart a course towards a more inspired and fulfilling life. Specializations: Motivational Resurgence: Discover the keys to reigniting your motivation and infusing passion into your pursuits. Goal Setting and Achievement: Learn the art of setting meaningful goals and achieving them with unwavering determination. Overcoming Procrastination: Uncover strategies to conquer procrastination and turn intention into action. Personal Growth Catalyst: Transform motivation into a catalyst for continuous personal development and self-discovery.

Experience & Qualifications

Approach: My counseling sessions blend empathetic understanding with strategic guidance, aiming to empower you to overcome motivation challenges and spark positive change. Inspired by a mentor known for transformative insights, we'll work together to awaken the motivation within you and set the stage for a purposeful and fulfilled life. Why Choose Me? Motivational Alchemy: Experience counseling sessions tailored to the alchemy of transforming motivation challenges into catalysts for positive change. Practical Motivation Strategies: Receive actionable insights and strategies to cultivate lasting motivation in your daily life. Holistic Life Approach: Benefit from a holistic approach that integrates motivation into the fabric of your personal and professional pursuits. Client Testimonials: "Robert's guidance has been a beacon of inspiration in my journey towards renewed motivation. His practical strategies, inspired by his respected mentor, have allowed me to break through barriers and achieve a level of motivation I didn't think was possible." - Sarah C. Let's Ignite Your Motivational Flame: Embark on a journey of motivation and positive change with me as your guide. Schedule a counseling session, and together, let's awaken the motivation within you and chart a course towards a purposeful and fulfilled life. "In the alchemy of motivation, every spark has the potential to ignite a life of purpose and fulfillment."