I have professional training/degree in psychology - BS-MS (1999); I have worked as a life coach and psychotherapist since 1996 in South America, as a mental health specialist in California, Arizona and Nevada since January 2002. My most recent degree is a MA in Integral-Transpersonal psychology from John F. Kennedy University. I have worked as a hypnotherapist in my private practice since 1996 and I was also trained and certified as a hypnotherapist in CA in 2003.

My Expert Service

We could say that no real whole fulfillment could be experience in life without healthy and meaningful relationships, were our individual needs and expectation could be met, where we could feel not just "loved" and desired but respected, understood, supported and embraced by real caring, not in a codependent way but in a healthy and gentle manner. My approach is focused on promoting your insight about why you think, feel and react the way you do in relationships, to support you to take advantage of your own skills and potential and to guide you on taking care of your emotional needs and wounds that are not allowing you to mindfully and gently take good care of your life and your relationships with others, especially when about that special person that gives much more meaning and hope to your life. You could expect to receive sincere, ethical, assertive and emphatic support even in those moments when denial and avoidance are your worst enemies. I will challenge your ego and promote the awakening and nurture of your real self. If you are serious about dating and relationships and were willing to work on the challenges it implies, I would like to offer my support to work with you on this challenging and fulfilling endeavor.

Experience & Qualifications

My professional experience was gained working at outpatient mental health clinics, non-profit agencies, inpatient clinics/hospitals, schools, institutes, through my private practice, as well as through workshops, coaching, parenting and self-development groups. I did extensive research in hypnotherapy since the beginning of the 90s. and gained personal and professional experience around multiple and very diverse cultural and social realities through my work experiences in USA, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Europe.