Yasir Nasir

Yasir Nasir Away
Expert in:
Business & Finance

A skilled tutor and mentor offering quality assistance in all areas of business, finance, marketing and management.


Masters of Business Administration (Marketing)
MS Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Bachelors of Commerce (Honors)

My Expert Service

I am here to provide quality mentoring and tutoring services to my clients in the areas of business and finance. More precisely, i can provide mentoring services in:

1. Strategic Business Planning
2. Marketing and Branding
3. Competitive Strategy to gain a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace
4. Corporate Global Strategy
5. Strategic Research and Marketing Research
6. International Business and Finance
7. Industrial Marketing
8. Market Segmentation and Product Positioning
9. Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management
10. Applied Corporate Finance
11. Strategic HR and Leadership
12. Advertising
13. Managerial Economics
14. Accounting
15. Business Finance
16. Business Ethics
17. Micro and Macro Economics
18. Business Statistics and Mathematics
19. Total Quality Management
20. Strategic Management
21. Project Management
22. Islamic Finance
23. Mergers and Acquisitions
24. Recruitment and Selection
25. Performance Management
26. Training and Development
27. Compensation Management
28. Risk Management and Analysis
29. Operations Management
30. E-Commerce

If you are facing any problems in business and finance then have a chat with me or send me an email. I will provide quality assistance and mentoring services in real-time when I am online. If I am offline then please drop me an email. I will get back to you in no more than 6-7 hours

Experience & Qualifications

I have over 10 years of mentoring and tutoring experience in the areas of business, management, research, finance, and marketing. I have also worked on several academic as well as industrial projects related to Strategic Business Planning, Marketing and Branding, Competitive Strategy to gain a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace, Corporate Global Strategy, Strategic Research and Marketing Research, International Business and Finance, Industrial Marketing, Market Segmentation and Product Positioning, Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management, Applied Corporate Finance, Strategic HR and Leadership, Advertising, Managerial Economics, Accounting, Business Finance, Business Ethics, Micro and Macro Economics, Business Statistics and Mathematics, Total Quality Management, Strategic Management, Project Management, Islamic Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, Training and Development, Compensation Management, Risk Management and Analysis, Operations Management, and E-Commerce.