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Small Businesses

Small Businesses are growing globally due to higher focus on small and medium enterprises. I can teach you new ways of starting small business and business evaluation.


Phd, MBA

My Expert Service

I have Doctorate (Phd), during my career I have learned courses on small business and e commerce. Both of these subjects are worth learning today because of rising importance given to them. I have an experience of teaching and mentoring students for more than 6 years and producing quality students. My expertise are in Small business, economics, financial management. I am very hopeful that you can also benefit from my services and knowledge about business.

I have an extensive teaching and mentoring experience. My objective is to impart as much knowledge as I can to the students. I can be a great source of knowledge for you because i have an exceptional academic track record.

Experience & Qualifications

Teaching and mentoring is my passion. Besides, i also work as an financial auditor in one of the government owned financial institution. I bring with me 6 years of teaching experience, guiding businesses, arranging finances and devising business formation strategies.