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Financial Accounting

Accounting as an information system, Nature of financial accounting principles, Accrual basis of accounting & cash basis of accounting, Accounting process-Journal, Ledger, Subsidiary Books, Journal to Trial Balance, final accounts of Non-corporate business entities, capital & revenue-expenditures & receipts, accounting for Not-for-Incomplete records, measurement of business income, revenue recognition & recognition of expenses, Inventory-valuation, accounting for leases, depreciation methods, accounting for partnerships, financial statements preparations - income statements-balance sheet-statement of equity-cash flow statement, financial statements analysis-horizontal analysis-vertical analysis-ratio analysis, Consolidation, Joint Ventures, Research & development expenses, Accounting for Investments, share repurchases, accounting for bonds (issuance at par, premium, discount with simple & effective interest methods), International accounting standards, GAAP implementation, accounting ethics, accounting frauds & fraud detection techniques like bank reconciliation statements, internal controls review

Cost & Managerial Accounting

Managerial accounting with its impact to business world, comparison with financial & managerial accounting, organizational structure, the changing business environment, professional ethics, cost classification, product costs vs period costs, cost classification impact on financial statements, product cost flows, cost classification for assigning to cost objects, cost classification for decision making process, Process costing & job order costing, analysis of mixed cost-high low method-least squares regression, cost-volume & profit analysis with breakeven analysis on the basis of simple product or multi products with sales mix, margin of safety analysis, variable costing & absorption costing, activity based costing (ABC), budget planning with master budgeting, static budgeting & flexible budgeting, standard costing, variance analysis, overhead analysis & balanced scorecard, segment reporting & decentralization-cost center, profit center, investment center, managerial accounting for decision making process-relevant costing-dropping a product line or business segment-special order acceptance-make or buy decision-process further decisions, capital budgeting implication in the business world through payback period-net present value-internal rate of return-profitability index-discounted payback period, allocation of service department costs with direct & step down methods

Finance & financial management

Financial management with its impact on the business world, finance manager role & responsibilities, time value of money impact on the business, valuation of bonds, risk & return review with through variance & standard deviation, portfolio management, dividend growth model implication and CAPM for the determination of stock, Beta estimation for determination of the overall risk of the business, cost of capital with the determination of cost of debt, cost of equity, cost of preferred stock, determination of optimal capital structure for the company, working capital management with inventory management & receivable management, cash management, possible working capital finance, enterprise valuation with determination of intrinsic value per share determination

I have more than 7 years on job experience in the field of accounting, finance, management accounting, internal audit. Also, I have more than 5 years virtual mentor experience with more than 1,000 satisfied clients free counters