Master in Business Administration and ACMA

My Expert Service

I am expert in business category. You can read about further subtopics below. Financial Accounting : Journal Entries Financial Statements Ratio Analysis Depreciation Methods Bank Reconciliation Statements Single entry accounting Double entry accounting Bills of Exchange Debentures Share Capital Contract accounting Partnership Capital & Revenue Expenses Joint Ventures Understanding and Application of all International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) International Accounting Standards (IAS) Management Accounting & Cost Accounting : Cash Budget Job Order Costing Performance Appraisal Process Costing Budgeting Standard Costing Variance Analysis Joint & By-Product Costing Marginal & Absorption Costing All types of Decision Making Working Capital Management including Cash Management & Debtors Creditors Management Project & Network Analysis Linear Programming Cost Reduction Techniques Cost Estimation Forecasting Cost Behaviors Lease or buy decision Economic Order Quantity Transfer Pricing Make or buy decision PERT analysis Financial Management : Net Present Value (NPV) Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Project Appraisal Capital Budgeting Payback Period Discounted Cash flows HPR, HPY Financial Analysis Risk minimization Risk free investments Capital Assets Pricing Model CAPM Dividends Decisions Cost of Capital Compounding Uncertainty Capital RationDiscounting Security Valuation Portfolio management Behavioral finance problems Growth and Value of Stocks Business Valuations Interpretation of Financial Statements Simple Interest, Compound Interest & Annuities Share Valuation Senstivity Analysis Decisions Trees Horizontal Analysis Vertical Analysis Auditing: Cost audit can be done here with quality assurance. Formulation of audit programs Designing and assessment of internal controls Internal audit External audit Forensic audit Developing the flow charts & data flow diagrams Audit reports Engagement letters Materiality levels Sampling Management letters Assessment of Risk Audit completion questionnaires

Experience & Qualifications

I have studied of all the professional subjects including human resource management, marketing management, strategic business management, behavioral management, financial accounting, management accounting, cost accounting, strategic financial management, business finance decisions, Auditing, corporate governance, Corporate, taxation and other subjects related to the field of accounts, business & finance. I have experience of about 5 years providing teaching services in the University.