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I have Masters in International Business and 7 years' experience to support individuals and organizations in all areas of International Business.


Masters in International Business

My Expert Service

International Business, Globalization of Markets and Firms, Gross National Income in U.S. Dollars, The Growth of World GDP, Average Annual Percent Change, Organizational Participants and International Business, International Trade and Investment Theories. The Environment and Culture of International Business, Political and Legal Systems in National Environment, Government Intervention in International Business, Understanding Emerging Markets, Strategy and Opportunity Assessment for the International Environment, Global Strategy and Organization, Global Market Opportunity Assessment. Entering and Operating in International Markets, Exporting and Countertrade, Foreign Direct Investment and Collaborative Ventures, Licensing, Franchising and Other Contractual Strategies, Global Sourcing. Marketing in the Global Firm, Human Resource Management in the Global Firm, Financial Management and Accounting in the Global Firm. Regional and Global Strategy, The Multinational Enterprise, Trade and International Business. The Environment of International Business, International Politics, International Culture, International Trade, International Financial Markets and Institutions. International Business Strategies, Multinational Strategy, Organizing Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Human Resource Management Strategy, Political Risk and Negotiation Strategies, International Financial Management. International Business Strategies in Action, Corporate Strategy and National Competitiveness, European Union, Japan, North America, Emerging Economies, Ethics and the Natural Environment etc.

Experience & Qualifications

I have 7 years’ experience (2001-2007) in IT Management Advisory Services. I got this experience at ERNST & YOUNG During the professional experience with the firm, I was involved in various tasks including IT alignment with business strategy, system analysis and design, IT Governance and IT Audit for corporate clients of ERNEST & YOUNG. Furthermore, My scope of services include Software and Vendor Selection, Network Security Infrastructure and Policy Enforcement. I am running management consultancy firm Since March 2008, delivering advisory services to individuals and businesses to achieve their professional goals by utilizing an array of unique and diverse business support methods and systems. Furthermore, helping enterprises to make the most of the on-line space without distracting from the day to day running of a business because I have also gained 3 years’ experience in digital sector of ERNST & Young.