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I have Masters in General Management and 7 years' experience to deliver support to individuals and organizations in all areas of General Management


Masters in General Management

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The Development of management thought, The management environment, Environment scanning and scenarios, Management ethics and social responsibility, Planning and plans, Strategic Planning and implementation, Decision-making, Coordination and productivity, Principles of organizing, Organization systems, Delegation and time management, Groups and Committees, Staffing, Motivation, Leadership, Communication, Conflict, Stress, Innovation and Creativity, Labor relations, Principles of control, Management of information systems, Management techniques, The management of change, Multi-cultural relations, Ethics in Management, Human Resource Management, Purchasing Management, Production Management, Administrative Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, The Management of public relations, The Management Process, Participative management, Key managerial responsibilities, Management levels, Top Management, Middle Management, First-line Management, Management’s time allocation, Management Skills, Management roles, Interpersonal roles, Information roles, Decision-making roles, Governance and Risk Management, Information Security, Transparency in organizational procedures, Managing Organizational procedures, Internal Controls, Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Advertising, Leadership, Information Management, Security Assurance Practices and Management etc.

Experience & Qualifications

I have 7 years’ experience ( 2001-2007) in Advisory Services. I got this experience at ERNST & YOUNG During the professional experience with the firm, I was involved in various tasks in Audit & Assurance Division, Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and Business Risk Advisory Services for corporate clients of ERNEST & YOUND. The various sectors I worked in ranged from manufacturing industry to the service providers. My scope of work include full scope audits, limited reviews, agreed upon procedure and special certificates in accordance with the regulatory requirements etc. The ensuring paragraphs describes the major tasks I performed during training period I am running management consultancy firm Since March 2008, delivering advisory services to individuals and businesses to achieve their professional goals by utilizing an array of unique and diverse business support methods and systems. Furthermore, helping enterprises to make the most of the online space without distracting from the day to day running of a business because I have also gained 3 years’ experience in digital sector of ERNST & Young.