Master of Science in Management Information Systems (MMIS): USA

My Expert Service

IT-Business Alignment: Aligning IT Systems in Business Operations


Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Architectue Management Plan, Enterprise Architecture Improvement
Strategy Assessment Methods and Tools, Enterprise Architecure as Business Capabilities Architecture
Case Studies in Enterprise Architecures, Business Intelligence, Business Intelligence Architecture
IT Governance, Optimizing IT function alignment, Optimizing competitive advantage, Optimizing value delivery
Optimizing technology and infrastructure cost-efficiency, Requirements of Management of Networked Systems
Management Architectures and Their Submodels, Web-Based Management Architectures, Information Models


Managing Information Technology Projects


Aligning Project Management with the Organization, Project Management Structure, Project Initiation
Projects Pre-Study, Establishing the Project Group, Project Planning, Budgeting, Risks and Quality
Initiation the Execution, Project on Track, Managing Project Team, Project Results Analysis
Work Breakdown Structures, Lester Diagram, Procedure or Activity on node (AoN)
Adding Schedule Milestones, Assigning Resources to Tasks, Project Audits,
Managing Conflicts, Conflict Resolution Modes, Performance Measurement and Financial Rewards


Health Care Information Systems and Health Care Organizations


Healthcare Information, Health Care Data Quality, Health Care Information Regulations and Standards
Evolution of Health Care Information Systems, Clinical Information Systems, IT for Health Care
System Acquisition, System Implementation and Support, Information System Standards
Security for Health Care Information Systems, Organizing Information Technology Services
Health Management Information Systems Executives: Roles and Responsibilities in HCOetc.


Data & Network Infrastructure, Network Management & Mobility


Document Management, Databases and Database Management Systems, Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
Business Networks, Wireless Broadband Networks, Network Management and Portals, Collaboration, Legal and Ethical Issues
Implementing new network configuration standards, Ensuring configuration is appropirate for new or existing network service
Network Management through VPN, Extending

Experience & Qualifications

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  • I have 7 years’ experience ( 2001-2007) in IT Management Advisory Services. I got this experience at ERNST & YOUNG

  • During the professional experience with the firm, I was involved in various tasks including IT alignment with business strategy, system analysis and design, IT Governance and IT Audit for corporate clients of ERNEST & YOUND. Furthermore, My scope of services inlcude Software and Vendor Selection, Network Security Infrastructure and Policy Enforcement.

  • I am running management consultancy firm Since March 2008, delivering advisory services to individuals and businesses to achieve their professional goals by utilizing an array of unique and diverse business support methods and systems. Furthermore, helping enterprises to make the most of the online space without distracting from the day to day running of a business because I have also gained 3 years’ experience in digital sector of ERNST & Young.