B.Com, Bsc (Hons) in Applied Accounting, MBA (Strategic & Marketing), MIT (PAK)


Professional Qualifications & Certifications


ACCA (UK), CIA & CFC (USA), CCFC (Canada), ICAEW(Fin)




Project Management,  Business Process Management, Operation Management

Business Manangement & Enterpreneurship

My Expert Service

Financial Accounting & Auditing:


Expert in Financial Accounting; statement of comprehensive income, statement of financial position and statement of changes in equity, accounting for specialized items; accounting for merger and consolidations, IFRS/GAAP/IAS,s etc. Ratio Analysis;Due diligence Auditing; Audit planning, evidence and audit procedures, compliance audit, analytical procedures, audit reports, agreed upon procedures, audit review, audit documentation, auditor’s liabilities, CAATs, Auditing standards and internal audit; ethical and social responsibility, practice and codes of ethics, social and environmental issues in ethics and business. Sarbanes Oxley, UK combined code on corporate governance,  development of computerized financial models


Financial and Performance Management:


Financial management ;Working capital management; theories and finance, cash and liquidity, Investment appraisal; DCF techniques and risk analysis, IRR, payback, NPV, profitability index project appraisal and risk management, Sources of finance; dividend policy, capital structure, cost of capital, bond valuations & stock valuations, Business valuations; market efficiency, Risk management; foreign currency risk management. interest rate risk (swaps, options, futures and FRAs hedging), portfolio theory, CAPM, corporate reconstruction and reorganization; Performance management; all costing techniques; ABC, Throughput accounting ,Product life cycle, Target, Black flush accounting; Marginal and absorption costing, variance analysis, factor analysis, quantitative analysis and budgetary control, historical performance; time value of money; compounding and discounting, Project financial feasibilities;Business plans and  preparation of projections


UK Taxation:


Income tax include investment income; employment; self employment; pensions; NIC,s; oversees aspects and reliefs; capital gain tax (CGT); inheritance tax (PET, CLT and death tax); taxation for trusts; tax planning for individual and financial planning; corporation tax (trading losses, overseas aspects, group taxation, group relief); value added tax (VAT); stamp duty and tax planning for businesses


Business Analysis and General Management:


Vision, mission and strategy; Ethics and culture, SWOT,PESTEL, Porter’s five forces, Porter’s diamond, value chain analysis, strategic position analysis, Leadership & human resource management : recruitment and retention, performance measurement and development, compensation, , employee rations and ethics, Strategy development & quality initiatives, Modelling and redesigning business processes, Information technology solutions etc.; BCG matrix, Ansoff matrix, Ashridge portfolio display. Marketing; Segmentation and benchmarking, Organizational culture, organizational change and effective communication; balanced scorecard, corporate strategy, E-business internal resources, capabilities and competences




Microeconomics vs macroeconomics; Consumer behavior; labor and wages, Markets: perfect & monopolistic competition, etc.; National income: GDP, GNP etc.; International trade; Government and fiscal policy.

Experience & Qualifications

1. I have 3 years experience of working from trainee to Assistant Manager Accounts & Finance in a Leading International NGO.
2. I have more 1 years experience of working in manufacturing organization as Manager Accounts.
3. I have 3 years articles in one of leading audit firm from trainee auditor to Audit Manager where I can gained experience in the field of Statuary Auditing, Internal Audit, Business Valuations, Business Assurance Services, Process Assessment, Project Finance, Corporate Finance, Lead Advisory, Strategy and Growth Services, Value Management, Financial Risk Management Services, Business Risk Services, Tax Services, Restructuring and Reorganization Services, Specialist Advisory Services, Transaction Services, Corporate and Secretarial Services.
4. Currently am working as Financial Consultants in Financial Management Consultancy Firm where I can excel my expertise in the field of development of policy manuals of credit, risk, treasury, human resources, accounting and disclosures, Internal Control and Internal Audit, Expenditures and know your customers (KYC) and anti money laundering (AML), Business & Financial Planning.
5. I have more than 5 years experience of teaching Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Performance Management, UK taxation and Economics.
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