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Credit & Debt

I can provide my service to mentor you in all kinds of Accounts whether they are credit/debt accounts, asset/liability, or anything else related to it.



My Expert Service

I can mentor you in courses and activities like: Management Management processes, Management skills, Contingency approach, Management environment, Management ethics, Global actions, Small business, Entrepreneurship, Management traits, Productivity, Management culture, TQM, Production management, Management decision making, Strategic management, Strategic planning, Objective management, Management models, PEST/SWOT analysis, Strategic capability, Innovation, Strategic drifts and symptoms, Business/Corporate/Functional level strategies, Market penetration, International strategy, Innovation, Strategic methods & evaluation, Strategic development process, Resourcing strategies, etc. H.R.M Recruitment & placement, Training & Development, Compensation, Employ relations, Personal planning & Recruitment, Testing & Selection with effective technique’s, Interviewing, Training and Development methods, Performance appraisals, Incentives, Benefits & Services, Global HR, etc. Accounting & finance General entries, Budgeting, Job order costing, Process costing, Forecasting, CVP analysis, Managing cash flows, Taxation, Auditing, Business decisions, Securities, Equity, Partnership, Risk management, Financial analysis, Financial planning, Derivatives, Stocks, Mergers, & Acquisition’s, Leasing, Warranties, Convertibles, working capital, Dividends, Shares, Leverage, Investment, Ratios analysis, etc. Advertising & Marketing Marketing strategies, Marketing mix, Marketing processes, Customer relationship, Marketing Research, Business markets and Buyer behavior’s, Consumer markets, Branding strategies, Targeting, Positioning, Pricing strategies, Supply chain management, Retailing, Wholesaling, Direct marketing, Promotions, International marketing, Market ethics and CSR, IMC, Advertising tools, E-active marketing, Alternative marketing, Brand Image, Labeling, B2B, Advertising, IFE, EFE, IE,SWOT, PESTEL,CPM, Grand strategy & matrix, Research analysis, Case studies, etc. Statistics/Research/others Sampling, Hypothesis testing, Distributions, Variance analysis, correlation, regression, Research methods, Research technique’s, Research reports, E-commerce, Management Information System, business discussions, etc.

Experience & Qualifications

I have done my "MBA" from one of the prestigious Institute and got more than 5 years’ experience in many projects at university, blog writing, business groups and industries. hands on: Conducting market research to determine market requirements for future products. Analyzing customer research, current market conditions and competitors information. Developing and implementing marketing plans and projects for new and existing products. Manage the productivity of the marketing plans and projects. Monitoring, reviewing and reporting on all marketing activity and results. Delivering marketing activity within agreed budget Management.