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I have extensive experience in recruiting and interviewing job candidates. Please contact me!


Bachelor's Degree and 10 years in Human Resources Management and interviewing thousands of job candidates.

My Expert Service

I possess over 10 years experience interviewing job candidates and assessing candidates skills. I can advise you on how to ace an interview. I have recruited for jobs in various industries and know what competencies to look for when hiring applicants. Let me assist you so that you can feel comfortable with the interviewing process. Please contact me for advice and questions you may have

Experience & Qualifications

Seasoned HR Professional with over 10 years interviewing job candidates for a variety of positions, from financial services, healthcare, nonprofit, and social services. I have helped others prepare for interviews and have provided resume assistance. I can provide you prepare for a job interview for the position that you seek. I have interviewed for a variety of jobs in a variety of industries. I will help you feel more comfortable during the interview process.