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Business & Finance

A professional turned mentor with proven competencies, to provide on-line advice and consulting under Business and Finance cluster.


BBA, MBA, CFA Level-3 candidate

My Expert Service

I am ready to give my advice and professional consultancy services in areas of Arts and business, Social Sciences, History, Philosophy, Humanities, Marketing, Management, Human Resource Management, Article analysis, OB, Finance, Management, Economics, Accounting, financial models on ms-excel, financial problems, business statistics, accounting, marketing plans and strategies, operations management, strategic management, Risk management, corporate strategies, economic problems, entrepreneurship, Business law, Applied Corporate Finance, Equity Valuation, Financial Statement Analysis, Portfolio Management, Fixed Income Securities, Derivative Investments, Macro & Micro Economics, Financial & Cost Accounting, Probability Theory, Statistical Inference and Regression Analysis.

Experience & Qualifications

I have more than 10 years of professional experience in consultancy. I have been providing on-line advice to different clients around the globe, since last 5 years. Giving mentoring and consultancy services in risk management and project management is also part of my 10 years experience.