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I am an ACA. I have sound knowledge of Accounting, Costing, Economics, Auditing , Information Technology and Business mathematics and statistics. Financial accounting: I have professional level knowledge and experience of preparation of financial statements, accounting for inventory, treatment of events after the balance sheet date, accounting for bad debts, leases, fixed assets, borrowing costs, related party transactions, intangible assets, provisions, taxes, accounting in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles etc. Managerial accounting: Job costing, process costing, relevant costs, budgets, standard costing, variance analysis, flexible budgeting, decision making, Marginal costing, contribution per unit, contribution per machine hours or units etc. Economic Micro economics, Macro economics, Consumer behavior, markets, fiscal policy, monetary policy, etc. Quantitative methods: Time value of money, logarithm, progressions and series, algebra, linear programming, probability, estimation, statistical tests Information technology: General Knowledge about Hardware, software, system software, utility software, Management Information system, Transaction Processing Systems , Executive Support System, Reporting system, Types of reports, Access Controls, logical and physical controls, basic elements of strong information system etc.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been associate with the field of chartered accountancy- associate since 7 years. Further, i have been providing services as experience account and finance expert since 9 years. I have also professional level experience of international financial reporting standards and generally accepted accounting principles.