The Honor Code is PrestoExperts Tutors' policy on academic integrity. It stands for PrestoExperts Tutors expectations of students and tutors in establishing and upholding the highest standards in academic work.

PrestoExperts Tutors Honor Code
PrestoExperts Tutors does not condone, and will not participate in, academic dishonesty. Tutors will not take tests nor complete graded assignments on a student’s behalf. Tutors may not knowingly help a student cheat, plagiarize, or engage in any action that violates the academic honor code of the class or the school.

To Students
Copying and submitting solutions from the tutors’ services as your own to any class, using a tutor's questions and answers to complete tests or homework when explicitly instructed not to use outside help, uploading solutions, answers, materials or information from a tutor as your own and using PrestoExperts Tutors in any way that violates your instructor's or school's academic honor code are activities we do not support on our platform.

To Tutors
At PrestoExperts Tutors, all tutors are to strictly adhere to the above PrestoExperts Tutors Honor Code in all tutoring interactions. Tutors are to facilitate an environment where students are mentored and taught principles, methods and approaches to learning subjects, it is not a replacement for doing homework. If you ever encounter an issue of academic integrity with students, please contact us immediately.

We care to maintain PrestoExperts Tutors as a positive and honorable learning experience for both students and tutors. Any evidence that you (students) have knowingly facilitated cheating will be cause for your immediate removal from the tutoring platform.

If you have questions or comments about our Honor Code, please do not hesitate to
contact us here.