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Have you recently had a watch serviced and were not satisfied with the results? Did the jeweler or "watchmaker" give you an explanation you did not believe and/or understand? Do you have a watch that is not running, and would like to know the possible problem, or the approximate costs to repair it?

Experience & Qualifications

Mr. Safranek attended the National Horological Institute where he received certificates of course completion as a journeyman horologist and a master horologist. As a full-time professional watchmaker, he has completed all of the modern, continuing education course work offered by the American Watchmakers and Clockmakers Institute. He has specialized training from ETA (Switzerland) in modern chronographs and modular chronographs, and from Rolex in the Swiss lever escapement. He is also currently the co-editor of the "Chronometer Newsletter," a technical journal for watchmakers dedicated to elevating the standards of quality and craftmanship in servicing modern, certified chronometer watches.