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Writing Jenny

Writing Jenny Away
Expert in:
Creative Writing

Writer and editor who can help with screenwriting, creative writing, essays, articles, nonfiction, children's picture books, getting published, and beating writer's block.

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. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


My Expert Service

I am willing to help you with any writing-related issues you may have. I can tutor you in ways to improve your writing or to become more commercially viable for publishing, or I can edit your finished work for you. If you just need a little nudge in the right direction or you want to discuss problems with your plot or your ending, I am available and very interested in your work. I also offer thorough, professional-level critiques and high-quality, exacting proofreading services. I can help you with articles, essays, nonfiction books, novels, short stories, screenwriting shorts, television scripts, movie scripts, technical writing, homework, and children's picture books. I can discuss tips and advice on getting your work published, as well as give you specific advice on what a particular piece needs to become publishable. For new authors, I will gladly help you understand how the process works and help you figure out where and how to submit your work. In addition, I have an arsenal of techniques and exercises to help you beat writer's block. If you are having trouble getting your words on the page, I can help you take that difficult leap into the productively creative mode.

Experience & Qualifications

I have worked as a staff editor at three different book publishing houses, including one academic publisher and two genre novel publishers. In addition, I have done extensive freelance editing. I am a published author of numerous magazine articles and short stories. I am an award-winning screenwriter, with multiple Finalist placements in the People's Pilot competition. I have taught a course on beating writer's block, and I am currently in the process of assembling a book on the subject.