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Mental & Emotional Health

Need to feel better? Let me help you activate love, faith, hope & healing to transform your heart, mind and relationships. Emerge from stress & toxicity with joy & peace!


Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, Law Degree

My Expert Service

If you need a breakthrough, or you just really need to feel better, I can help you. Sometimes when you're in a tough situation, it is hard to get out of it on your own. I specialize in helping bring transformation into your situation- be it a relationship, mental or emotional struggle. You deserve peace and happiness. Good bye negativity and toxicity. I can show you how to activate love, faith and hope to bring you to a place of wisdom where you feel better! Let me help you transform your life today!

Experience & Qualifications

I have travelled the world to places such as India, Zambia, Colombia and Brazil in the last 5 plus years - each trip to bring hope and healing to people. I am blessed everytime I see someone feel better and get healing. I have taken many trainings and received many tools to help people access healings of mind, body and heart. I can offer both practical and spiritual advice. My clients describe me as wise, trustworthy, gentle, compassionate, caring, flexible, having great insights, full of faith and a good listener.