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I am a Freshwater Fish expert. I have done intense research on the subject. If for some reason I dont know the answer? I will research it until I do.

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I took an online course of Koi Fish secret's.

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I have much love for my Fish. I am a proud owner of a Betta. Who I have in a 10 gallon tank, believe it or not? I also own two Koi's and a GoldFish.I actually hand feed my Two Koi's. My interest in Fish started about Three Summer's ago when I built my outside Pond. Every Fall-Winter I bring my Pond Fish inside and put them back outside in the Spring. My interest really started when my Betta got sick. I felt I needed an answer and I wasnt gonna rest until I got one. So I started doing intense research on the subject. I will alway's find an answer to every question. That is my guarantee. Every question deserve's an answer.

Experience & Qualifications

Like I said above. I took an online course of Koi Fish secret's. I know everything about proper cycling of a freshwater aquarium, the proper filteration, aeration, keeping up with the PH level's. I can keep a healthy aquarium, guaranteed. I even know what to do if theres nothing else you can do to get your fish back to health. Did you know you can actually euthanize your Fish? It stop's the pain and suffering. I am an expert when it comes to Freshwater Fish.