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The English Expert

The English Expert Away
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Learning English

As a well-educated, experienced teacher of English, I look forward to answering your questions about academic writing, reading, and vocabulary. Just ask!

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The Expert is temporarily unavailable, but expects to resume service on
. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


M.A. Curriculum and Instruction (ESL) from the University of Kansas

My Expert Service

When online, I will answer your questions about writing, helping you organize your ideas and use appropriate vocabulary, proper grammar, and correct punctuation. Offline, I will answer questions and provide timely proofreading of your papers, giving feedback on not just your grammar, punctuation and vocabulary, but also on the way you have organized your ideas. As a teacher in the Intensive English Program at a well-respected community college, I'm ready to help!

Experience & Qualifications

My experience at a highly-regarded community college includes teaching the following subjects: academic writing skills, academic vocabulary, reading skills development, study skills, short stories, and idioms and slang.