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Swagatam Majumdar

Swagatam Majumdar Away
Expert in:
Electrical Engineering

Are you interested to learn how to design electronic circuits at will? I'll will teach you how to do it within minutes. That's a word from me!


Bsc, Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication (IETE)

My Expert Service

I am an electronic Engineer by profession and especially deal with designing custom or application specified electronic circuits. I have an extensive knowledge regarding making practical electronic hobby circuits. Are you an electronic novice? Are you confused with the many aspects concerned with electronics? My experience and expert teaching can help you and sort out the concerned issues within minutes! I have written more than 300 articles related to electronic circuits online, which includes the most basic circuit tutorials to the very complex circuit descriptions like that of inverters, remote controls, motor drivers, voltage stabilizer circuits etc. The comments and the acknowledgments under the articles provide live testimonials. Folks who are interested to become self made electrician or electronic engineers can also contact me. I assure each one of you with the above aspirations that you will get complete satisfaction from my expert advice and instant solution regarding all the relevant issues. Here are the list of people who are ideally suited to my suggestions and tutorials: school students, new electronic hobbyists, industrialists manufacturing electronic products, self made electricians and electronic engineers, and also other electronic professionals.

Experience & Qualifications

Developing automobile electronic products since last 10 years. I have helped many local industries in enhancing their existing electronic products by making them much cost effective and competitive in the market. My expertise has been appreciated by many local electronic manufacturers who could improve their products through my expert advices.