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Fashion is a means of self-expression that allows people to try on many roles in life. Fashion is about change which is necessary to keep life interesting. It's a way of celeb

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Bachelor's Degree in Beautician and fashion Designing

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Prepare yourself for a complete makeover as you discover the inner world of true beauty as I dispence tips and advice on every aspect of beauty from home made remedy to beauty peageant secrets.My tips and advice will work whether your skin is Asian, African, American, Indian or a light complexion. My beauty tips, advice and secrets contained here are for the mature woman as well as the teen girl still facing the trials of acne. Learn your Skin's Secrets : Home made Beauty Tips for glowing Skin, Beauty & Make-Up Tips, Skin Care, HairStyles and Hair, Body Care, Manicures at home, Ingrown Toenail home remedy,How to pluck, Thread or wax the perfect eyebrow shape,Covering Up and remedies for under eye circles, Tips for choosing the best blow dryer,Hair protection and prevention Tips.And many more.... Every girl or woman wants to look beautiful and to highlight their important features, especially on their face. Every girl sooner or later starts experimenting with make up. There is no doubt that make up, makes you look beautiful but only if it applied properly. Many women do not know how to apply make up properly.

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I have worked as a Beautician & Fahion Designer in a fashion House. Having experience of 08 Years my Knowledge and experience makes me feel proud to share the secrets of Beauty Tips and Fashion. Body and beauty care is of critical importance because it boosts self confidence, enhances presentability and promotes career prospects. For most of us the art of makeup is neccesary to hide blackheads and blemishes, while highlighting beauty spots and good features. Our site contains valuable tips for beauty conscious men and women to look and feel good.