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StewartEngelman Away
Expert in:

Expert ASP Programming and Assistance


University of Vermont, Bachelor's in Mathematics (Cum Laude)

My Expert Service

Expert ASP programming and assistance is available in the following areas:

  • Scripting Syntax
  • Debugging
  • Database Programming
  • Functions and Procedures
  • ASP Object Model
  • Maintaining State Between Client/Server
  • ASP Components

Experience & Qualifications

Front to back web solutions, including all aspects of page design, scripting, and database programming. Browser automation and server scripting, back end systems, complex browser applications, content management systems, fully customized e commerce systems, and database and folder driven applications.

PC application design and development, including coding, user interfaces, MDI applications with menus and toolbars, database programming and integration, and online help systems.

Graphic development in Photoshop, including web banners and buttons, layered effects and filters, web image slicing, and photo mastering.