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ssajja Away
Expert in:

Core Java Developer. Have 3 years of experience in Java language. Having good command in Algorithms design and object oriented programming.


M.Sc(Tech) Information Technology

My Expert Service

Having sound knowledge in data structure and algorithms, able to solve a problem using the right data structure and efficient algorithm. Passionate to design a solution to a problem using Object oriented approach.

Experience & Qualifications

Working in a Top MNC since 3 years. where i am part of software development Team. Very good in java fundamentals. Skills & Tools: --------------- 1. Programming Languages : Java, 2. Technologies : XML, RMI, SNMP, SOAP, JMS 3. Operating Systems : Windows, UNIX/Linux 4. IDEs : Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA 5. Web/Application Servers : Apache Tomcat, Jetty 6. RDBMS : Oracle, MySQL, SQL, PL/SQL