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Sole Advisor

Sole Advisor Away
Expert in:
Business & Finance

You can contact me for assignments and projects related to HRM, Organizational Behavior, Management, Research, Marketing and Economics etc.


Master in Commerce (Finance)

My Expert Service

24/7 help available for your projects and assignments related to Economics,Marketing, Research, Human resource and other fields related to business administration. Will provide you the quality work at reasonable price also help you and provide you the assistance even after completion of the assigned project, so do not hesitate to contact me.Just mail me your query and get it done before the deadline...

Experience & Qualifications

1)- 6 years of Banking experience. 2)- Experience of Working as Manager Operations, Business Analyst and Credit Analyst. 3)- A Teacher 4)- Internet Marketer 5)- Academically performed the following projects: a)Market Research on the comparison of meals of McDonald with KFC. b)Recruitment structure of United Bank Limited.