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Smah Xyros

Smah Xyros Away
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Programmer having four years experience in PHP, Ajax, Javascript, XHTML, XML, C, C#, Java, and many others. Good and economical work with good work ethics. Let's get it done!


BS Computer Science - National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences

My Expert Service

I have a 4 year experience in helping out the students of FAST Students Society in their assignments and project. Moreover I was appointed as the TA for CS Programming Language courses that include: Introduction to Computer Sciences Computer Programming Theory of Automata Assembly Language Database System Web Programming Computer Vision As I have a lot of fresh experience in Computer Science assignment related work and a lot of professional experience as well that I acquired in Celexica Technologies, so I ensure you to give a quality work no matter its assignment or some office work. Here’s the bottom line: If you want a quality work at economical price, Please contact me. I’ll not disappoint you.

Experience & Qualifications

In my 4 years experience I've worked in PHP, Ajax, standalone application development, C/C++/C #, Web Interface development in rich CSS, Javascript and XHTML and have also done lot of projects in Java. I ended up my CS degree at CGPA 3.87 Remained the TA (Teacher's Assistant) in CS Programming Courses for 4 years while working for a software house.