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What is hypnosis exactly? Hypnosis, derived from the Greek work for sleep is an altered state of consciousness where human beings can access higher functions of the brain. Popularized by Hollywood films, hypnosis has become the subject of great debate over the course of the last hundred years. Hypnosis is nothing more than convincing someone of a particular belief. There are all sorts of tricks that can be employed to get the mind into the correct state but the goal is always the same: control of the belief system. Self hypnosis techniques allow you to reprogram your beliefs.

How would you know if you were hypnotized?

You wouldn't know! In fact, most of us are hypnotized right now. We walk around in a trance state. (Ever been to a walmart?) We constantly program ourselves with limiting beliefs. If you think the messages from advertisements and commercials have interfered with the clarity of your thinking an your peace of mind - you're right! Advertisers and marketers use hypnosis and NLP to make us desire products we didn't even know existed. As a result we work harder to buy things we don't even need.

Most people go to a hypnotist to get hypnotized. Why do I say I UNHYPNOTIZE people?

Using ancient breathing strategies and visualization techniques, the first thing we want to do is begin to reverse the damage. We do this by conscious oxygenation and decreasing the number of breaths per minute. In 99% of cases, erroneous beliefs cause the mind and body to speed up. This leads to panic, anxiety and depression! In other cases, it is my opinion that the dis-ease can manifest itself physically. Our ancient wisdom teaches us that the two biggest factors that cause illness are emotions and nutrition. In 99% of cases, limiting beliefs cause people to feel powerless over their situation. The feeling that you can't change anything is at root of depression.

What happens when you breathe more slowly?

My friend Patrick Dougherty, author of the book "Qigong in Psychotherapy" would say: "You can do so much by doing so little. Conscious breathing has been shown to have physical as well as psychological effects. For example, did you know that by merely breathing slower you can:

  • Control Blood Pressure
  • Improve Circulation
  • Improve Memory

    Sometimes we all need a sounding board. I will listen to your problem and inject suggestions that will change your life around, increase your luck and motivate you to succeed! I will also share with you my secrets for pain control, deep restful sleep, and rejuvenation of the spirit.

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    Over 2 years of stage hypnosis. Certified Hypnotist With The IHF.