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Samurai Jewels, LMT

Samurai Jewels, LMT Away
Expert in:
Flower Essences

Expert guidance in Bach Flower Essence Remedies. Bach Flower Remedies can be overwhelming, let me help you find what you need, because I know you need help now.


LMT, Homeopathy Certificate, Bach Flower Certificate, Certificate in Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki Master

My Expert Service

When your emotions are chaotic, your life is chaotic. Bach remedies
balance you, create peace amongst the chaos. You can truly find
yourself, and move forward in your life, and create what you
really desire when you are in balance.

Let me help you find your way.

Bach Flower Remedies are Essential for Relieving:
*Shock/Trauma (Both Past and Present)
*Concentration & Focus
*Guilt & Shame
*Self-Esteem Issues
*Hormonal Issues
*Mid-life crisis
*Learning Difficulties
*Transitions & Changes

Contact me and I can tell you which Bach Flower Remedies you need right now, to make those changes in your life you can't seem to make on your own. Bach Flowers can change your life, they are changing the world.

So simple, so gentle, so, so effective.

Experience & Qualifications

• Bach Flower Practioner
• Craniosacral Therapist
• Reiki Master
• Inner-Dimensional Sound Chamber - Owner and Facilitator
• Graduate and Trainer for the Academy of Spiritual Self Mastery in Sedona, AZ
• Vision Quest Guide
• Open Ocean Retreat Center Facilitator
• Massage Therapist
• Certificate in Homeopathy
• Certificate in Medical Qigong