Member: User_nzdcf2
Don't trust her. She tells you she will deliver good quality tutoring but she knows nothing. And if you are not satisfied with her tutoring she doesn't reply at all. That's what happened with me. Believe me, don't hire her.
Feb 25 2018
Member: User_r8f4mm
Thank you for such a great job.
Feb 8 2018
Member: User_g24xwv
Thank you again! You are the best!
Feb 7 2018
Member: User_gg92f9
She is the best.
Feb 6 2018
Member: User_g24xwv
Feb 5 2018
Member: Anonymous
She is the best
Feb 5 2018
Member: User_gpqafp
She is the best
Feb 2 2018
Member: Moody
Jan 31 2018
Member: User_4t42bz
good and fast
Jan 30 2018
Member: Augusta
Thank you so much.
Jan 22 2018
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