Member: AngelFace
The therapist was great! However I am frustrated about what feels like a "bait & switch" with your online test. That part is not very kind.
Mar 28 2018
Member: User_8pnbgd
Thank you
Mar 23 2018
Member: MovingForward
Very good
Mar 21 2018
Member: Lucky in luv
Great and really useful advice!
Mar 14 2018
Member: Mary
Mar 13 2018
Member: Mary
Mar 6 2018
Member: Mary
Very kind, understanding, and wise.
Mar 5 2018
Member: Mary
Feb 23 2018
Member: Mary
Kind, clear, and very helpful.
Feb 23 2018
Member: User_candyloop78
Very detailed and comforting
Feb 18 2018

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