Member: aamina_m
Sep 17 2017
Member: Sara231
Great listener and so helpful, really made me feel better. Thank you!!!
May 16 2017
Member: User_5rpwu3
Too expensive
May 11 2017
Member: DavidR
very helpful, thanks
Apr 29 2017
Member: User_t3aiwh
His approach of combined knowledge, science & deep empathy will help you clearing your confusion, understanding your own hurt & eventually regaining your strength. You will feel safe, heard & understood. I was crippled by hurt. He helped me through it. Now I owe him my life. He saved it. I'm very grateful. Please don't deprive yourself of such expert help when you need it. He will be there for you.
Apr 21 2017
Member: User_t3aiwh
He practices with a scientific convincing approach. He analyzes your feelings & makes them make sense. It helps to clear your confusion about what's going on with you. He is warmly empathetic, he makes you feel heard & understood. He is non-judgmental & empathetic. If it's important to you, he believes in God. Don't hesitate to call Lain A. Morrison if you are hurting & in need for help.
Apr 13 2017
Member: User_gf69md
Ian is a very caring man and gave me good advice to my problems. Thanks Ian for your help and I will definitely recommend him for those out there who need advice.
Feb 28 2017
Member: User_khcmxb
Feb 17 2017
Member: sazzler
Extremely caring and genuine counsellor who gave me concrete steps to take action out of a current situation.
Jan 23 2017
Member: Archer5
One of the best therapists to talk to on presto experts! he really does care and he listens well to your issues and provides open minded advice as well!
Nov 29 2016

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