Member: User_fgpnz5
She was very nice and insightful! Kind and gentle
May 7 2017
Member: DavidR
Knew treatment modalities - in depth knowledge. Great session
Apr 1 2017
Member: Redheadguy
Very personable and kind to listen adn offer comment on the topic, open minded and gracious
Jan 29 2017
Member: User_atqcpw
She really listens and does not judge. I felt a lot better talking to her.
Jan 17 2017
Member: Kenyon
She understands what I am going through
Jan 2 2017
Member: User_hdzcxq
She was nice to talk too. Non judgmental and kind. Informative.
Nov 8 2016
Member: JimLINY29
grear job
Oct 4 2016
Member: eezee
May 3 2014
Member: joebiker61
Great advice, but bad phone connection. Will have to try again.
Sep 6 2013
Member: User_arfqcn
Very understanding and easy to talk to
Aug 12 2013

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