Member: mangledgenius
Always available, always reliable-RJ is a professional who will listen to your ideas and find a way possible to make them happen.
Nov 23 2017
Member: mangledgenius
RJ is the perfect guide to help and teach you through your questions.
Nov 11 2017
Member: mangledgenius
Always best knowledge always professional
Oct 18 2017
Member: mangledgenius
Always the best and more professional than the rest!
Oct 7 2017
Member: jacrispy
RJ a well rounded professional who has vast knowledge and helps you develop your own skills.
Sep 20 2017
Member: User_px36g2
RJ a true professional the go to person here to help you get it right
Sep 19 2017
Member: User_px36g2
RJ is a true professional and I am so appreciative for her help. Thank you for always being available and great communication together.
Sep 6 2017
Member: User_px36g2
RJ has once again not only helped me but taught me many things at the same time. She is very cordial and deserves my five stars!
Sep 2 2017
Member: User_px36g2
No matter what the question is for guidance, RJ always helps you figure it out. Respect the RJ, for she is the best most professional always
Aug 30 2017
Member: User_px36g2
Always and absolutely the best here on PE. RJ #1 RESPECT
Aug 27 2017

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