Member: User_3dv57h
Really slow responding
Mar 26 2017
Member: BDL
Adelina is great to talk to and is very understanding.
Mar 23 2017
Member: svince
Nice lady with helpful advice.
Mar 7 2017
Member: JimLINY29
thank you for helping
Feb 5 2017
Member: Justy
Really amazing to talk with.
Jan 30 2017
Member: Justy
Great understanding
Jan 24 2017
Member: BubblePumps
Much thanks...
Nov 14 2016
Member: BubblePumps
Very kind and open woman... Much thanks.
Nov 10 2016
Member: User_2f7x7s
very helpfus so far
Nov 1 2016
Member: User_ytmvit
This therapist offers nothing of real substance. She is difficult to understand due to her language. The phone connection is always horrible. She sounds like she is talking from some remote location in Siberia inside a fish bowl.
Aug 14 2016

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