Member: Tom
Excellent session and stellar counselor too. Thank you so much!
May 5 2017
Member: User_bdde2e
good job
Apr 28 2017
Member: Tom
A valued member of the presto advising community. A must call for all seeking solid insights.
Apr 19 2017
Member: Tom
A total professional. Compassionate to the max. Filled with stunning observations too. A must call here at Presto Experts! Thank you so much!
Apr 17 2017
Member: User_bdde2e
Apr 14 2017
Member: Tom
Insightful and friendly in all conversations with commonsense advice.Thank you so much!
Apr 6 2017
Member: Tom
Professional and helpful too. Thank you so much!
Mar 28 2017
Member: HM16
Really great to talk to, got some great advice and helped me see things logically! Great help!
Feb 2 2017
Member: Tom
Robert Ambrose is highly gifted in commonsense advice and helpful insights. Thank you so much! Way to go!
Jan 24 2017
Member: Tom
A dedicated professional and also very helpful too. Thank you so much!
Dec 13 2016

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