Member: Hannah
Good job
May 26 2017
Member: Daboo8696
Apr 20 2017
Member: Daboo8696
Apr 20 2017
Member: Daboo8696
thanks wendy
Apr 20 2017
Member: User_4fef8n
Thank you so much.
Apr 17 2017
Member: skyisblue798
Mar 11 2017
Member: Puss in Boots
She understood my dilemma and was able to provide a direction for me to start in.
Jan 29 2017
Member: User_vh5ykk
She is very adept at figuring things out.
Oct 30 2016
Member: User_ytmvit
She understands sexuality like no other! Awesome therapist!
Oct 27 2016
Member: Puss in Boots
Lots of insight and very understanding of myself and the dynamics of relationships.
Sep 30 2016

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