Member: skyisblue798
Mar 11 2017
Member: Puss in Boots
She understood my dilemma and was able to provide a direction for me to start in.
Jan 29 2017
Member: User_vh5ykk
She is very adept at figuring things out.
Oct 30 2016
Member: User_ytmvit
She understands sexuality like no other! Awesome therapist!
Oct 27 2016
Member: Puss in Boots
Lots of insight and very understanding of myself and the dynamics of relationships.
Sep 30 2016
Member: Puss in Boots
She is really down to earth and provides a lot of insight.
Sep 7 2016
Member: User_ytmvit
I've spoken to this therapist several times. She is understanding, posessses excellent listening skills, and top notch regarding her openness about sexuality, trying new things, etc. Her personal expertise allows for a more thorough approach regarding any sex related topic.
Aug 14 2016
Member: UniquelyNice
Wendy is nice, friendly and caring, but I did notice some things. She talked a lot and went off of tangents. She may have been trying to help, but the examples that she gave didn't help me much. I felt like I was trying to explain to her where I was coming from, but there were some assumptions and leading questions being made about me. She did give some good advice, like working on your self-esteem. I did disagree with some of her view points. I would have preferred someone to patiently listen to me first, ask questions and then formulate something. She is definitely non-judgmental.
Aug 1 2016
Member: Karl
nice lady great talk
Jul 5 2016
Member: Mike
Great listener!
May 30 2016

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