Member: sazzler
very compassionate and encouraging
Feb 9 2018
Member: Tom
Insightful. Personable. Helpful. Thank you so much!
Oct 16 2017
Member: phd candidate
She's a great therapist and an awesome human being, kind, considerate and helpful. The very best on Presto Experts.
Oct 5 2017
Member: User_jpkpm5
Hello, sorry I got cut off! But thank you, very helpful about Marlana. I appreciate it!
Sep 3 2017
Member: Archer
She helped me allot tonight to assess my problems and constant emotional issues I've been feeling for the past few days. Thank you for helping me and I look forward to look up the books and techniques you mentioned :)!
Aug 27 2017
Member: Jus
very wonderful counselor! was definitely a big help!
Jun 10 2017
Member: Joseito1277
Good listener.
May 28 2017
Member: User_svp6nf
Intuitive and easy to connect with. Extremely helpful within several minutes. She is kind and open minded as well.
May 4 2017
Member: Tom
Talented and dedicated.
Apr 11 2017
Member: HNW
Great advice and a pleasure to speak with. Thank you!
Apr 4 2017

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