Member: User_66673t
she's amazing. very thorough and honest.
Apr 23 2016
Member: Daniela
Lovely soul
Apr 22 2016
Member: User_66673t
Apr 20 2016
Member: W.A.R.001
Sophi as always I appreciate your time and effort because I know you're highly sought out. Your great intuition and detail on my situations is amazing as always. You will always be my number one psychic I go to. You always know how to calm me down with your wisdom and answers that resonate highly with me because it's true and right on the money. I will definitely keep you updated of whats to come soon Sophi, and as always I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Apr 15 2016
Member: Ricke108
Sophi provided great insight into my current situation regarding business & relationships. She identified the issues so accurately & succintly. Her advice & guidance was profound.
Mar 31 2016
Member: User_atyqxe
Great & very kind.
Mar 23 2016
Member: Sunlight
Sophi is commpationate, inderstanding & caring. Connects quickly & is very intune with hat is going on with her clients. I will wait for your predictions to come to fruition. Thanks again xxx
Mar 17 2016
Member: rachellskii33
I talked to a lot of psychics already and I can truly say that Sophie is the best of them all. I know she is a bit pricey every minute but trust me its all worth the money. She knows exactly whats going on with me and my guy without saying much details and gave me really good advice. She made me feel so much better. She is accurate and honest and will not say things because that is what you want to hear but because its the truth. From now on she will be my one and only psychic. No regrets messaging her. And also she does respond with your mails. Unlike other pyschic who will just ignore you. So everyone go with Sophie :) I am amazed with her skills... and cant wait for all the predictions she said to happen.
Mar 16 2016
Member: rachellskii33
Very accurate about everything. I ran out of funds... but i will definitely come back to her. Made me feel better. thanks so much Sophie.
Mar 10 2016
Member: User_istdry
Very intresting and to the point
Mar 9 2016

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