Member: Rmdee67
May 13 2016
Member: User_8frn9m
Very assuring 100% thank you!!!
May 11 2016
Member: User_66673t
so honest and caring
May 8 2016
Member: User_66673t
she's amazing. very thorough and honest.
Apr 23 2016
Member: Daniela
Lovely soul
Apr 22 2016
Member: User_66673t
Apr 20 2016
Member: W.A.R.001
Sophi as always I appreciate your time and effort because I know you're highly sought out. Your great intuition and detail on my situations is amazing as always. You will always be my number one psychic I go to. You always know how to calm me down with your wisdom and answers that resonate highly with me because it's true and right on the money. I will definitely keep you updated of whats to come soon Sophi, and as always I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Apr 15 2016
Member: Ricke108
Sophi provided great insight into my current situation regarding business & relationships. She identified the issues so accurately & succintly. Her advice & guidance was profound.
Mar 31 2016
Member: User_atyqxe
Great & very kind.
Mar 23 2016
Member: Sunlight
Sophi is commpationate, inderstanding & caring. Connects quickly & is very intune with hat is going on with her clients. I will wait for your predictions to come to fruition. Thanks again xxx
Mar 17 2016

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