Member: User_4b4k7u
May 26 2017
Member: User_4b4k7u
I will keep u posted :) thanks for the detail reading.
May 23 2017
Member: Leon
Thanks dear. You cut no BS!
May 21 2017
Member: zah28
really good to talk to
May 20 2017
Member: Cecile
Beautiful words of encouragement and very on point with my own feelings of what I believe is going on.
May 18 2017
Member: User_5u56gt
She did amazing n made me feel better look forward to the future
May 15 2017
Member: flyygurl
Love her! Fast and so on!! My card ran out?? I'm sorry! I will be back!
May 14 2017
Member: User_wuku2i
Love her! Quick and clear
May 12 2017
Member: User_5fh3rc
Very nice. We will see outcomes
May 12 2017
Member: Leon
This Sophie is amazing
May 4 2017

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