Member: truelove
prediction didnt come true...... i hate being given false promises... :(
Jun 26 2017
Member: User_j7f6tw
Always reassuring n very good.
Jun 19 2017
Member: User_j7f6tw
Always great and calming...i always keep coming back
Jun 12 2017
Member: User_pneqni
Jun 10 2017
Member: User_j7f6tw
Always the best....very fast and thorough. Would recommend to all!!!
Jun 8 2017
Member: flame74
Connection failed half way....will be back for updates
Jun 8 2017
Member: simone
great as usual
Jun 2 2017
Member: kcsgirl69
Thank you
May 28 2017
Member: User_sty4nx
May 27 2017
Member: User_vyeymi
God bless you
May 27 2017

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