Member: User_sty4nx
Oct 9 2016
Member: User_vwdd8v
So spot on, knew the situation and didn't sugar coat but saw far into the future and told me to keep going don't loose my faith. When you have others on this line who only focus on the now and judge it, it's only natural to get disheartened but then you have people like Sid who explain the situation and see the future...that's what it's all about!!! AMAZING!!!!
Oct 6 2016
Member: preeti
Good-- will wait for his predictions
Oct 3 2016
Member: Love050515
Just way off this time
Oct 1 2016
Member: User_sty4nx
Sep 18 2016
Member: User_sty4nx
Sep 12 2016
Member: Onward
Sep 12 2016
Member: Onward
he's excellent
Sep 8 2016
Member: User_baibqw
Thank you
Sep 5 2016
Member: User_49pg6y
Very clear !mand sure
Aug 18 2016

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