Member: yuji2013
That was a fantastic reading. He has picked up so many things... And he types very fast. I was so impressed by him. He also gave me some great advice.
May 10 2016
Member: jfaylinn
he is great!, worth the money
Apr 23 2016
Member: User_3mwgug
Excellent Reading !!! Hope his words come true :)))
Apr 20 2016
Member: User_sqv74x
Love sid hopeing everything works out.
Apr 17 2016
Member: Timtamtima
Always a pleasure to have around and speak to
Apr 15 2016
Member: User_42bfmi
Sorry runned out of funds.Thanks for the update!
Apr 3 2016
Member: aa2
Sid is alwasy so confident for his prediction, some of his predicton did come true, i hope his prediciton for the ending will come to pass too.
Apr 2 2016
Member: Pebbles
Thank you so much for this reading. Alot of thinking and choices i have to make but i am super glad i was able to obtain enough information to make the right choices. I do recommend Sid as your reader. I will come back for sure. Thanks once again Sid :»
Mar 22 2016
Member: User_ufzg8z
Seems very confident in his reading. I truly hope he is correct so we shall see :)
Mar 22 2016
Member: User_ufzg8z
So nice! Knew details before I mentioned anything. Very quick responses and easy to understand. Thanks Sid!
Mar 21 2016

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