Member: jyothi
Different readings for the same person with in two weeks time. How can a person say i will get job by max june end in the first session and in second session he says try after july
May 24 2016
Member: User_xsxkqj
great connection
May 24 2016
Member: Elizabeth
he is a cheap liar.....he cannot tell you nothing , he just guess
May 23 2016
Member: C14
very helpful, honest and encouraging.
May 22 2016
Member: User_w5b4wm
He is very helpful, gives you advise that make you feel better and changes perception making you more aware with advise and words chosen. his books are good too
May 21 2016
Member: ckya
good friend
May 20 2016
Member: Natual healer
Thank you
May 20 2016
Member: ERIKA
Excelent advisor
May 20 2016
Member: cha
Thanks for the insight
May 18 2016
Member: User_kbyaa2
he seems very genuine and accurate in his reading.
May 18 2016

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