Member: User_6zd9tr
Was really great. Definitely use again
Aug 17 2017
Member: lmdm
he's good and spot on
Aug 16 2017
Member: User_juxgtf
he i
Aug 16 2017
Member: debdoodle
seems like he had a grasp of the situation
Aug 15 2017
Member: User_dd6rdf
He was able to give me a picture of what my choices would lead to. I have a better clarity of what I should do now.
Aug 15 2017
Member: tomcav
David is great! Give him a try and you'll see.
Aug 15 2017
Member: Pei
pretty reassuring!
Aug 15 2017
Member: Mobios
definitely one of the best advisors on here.
Aug 14 2017
Member: Caligrlj03
Aug 14 2017
Member: brent
David is just incredible!
Aug 14 2017

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