Member: aleks
always great!
May 23 2016
Member: Bonnie
very quick and direct as per usual! :)
May 23 2016
Member: User_i75rhh
Thanks again.
May 23 2016
Member: yas
always a good advisor and good predictor of what is to come.
May 22 2016
Member: sithlord03
Straight to the point and friendly.
May 20 2016
Member: DeborahDelilah
Very quick and helpful!
May 19 2016
Member: Earthnote8
Dave has been immensely patient... appreciate it a great deal.
May 19 2016
Member: FaithHopeLove89
He is amazing!!! Very honest!! Did not need a name or any info just picked up on everything! Will defiantly be back! :)
May 19 2016
Member: Mohit
He was quick and to-the point. Hope things work well
May 18 2016
Member: Earthnote8
Dave is a straightforward reader...always appreciated.
May 17 2016

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