Member: User_cpink2
he was fast and direct. no horse play at all. not sure how accurate it will be find out in 6 months time. really liked him would use him again
Dec 4 2016
Member: lovemichelle
thanks for your advice
Dec 3 2016
Member: teddybear
always good talking to him. his very straightfoward
Dec 3 2016
Member: Sean
Dec 3 2016
Member: julygirl
Thank you for your guidance
Dec 2 2016
Member: Sunshine90
Awesome reading!! Very quick and on point.
Dec 2 2016
Member: User_njythh
I did not have to give any information. He was dead on and helped confirm what I need to do next in my situation.
Dec 2 2016
Member: Lex
thank you david james, certainly not what i WANTED to hear, but it was what i NEEDED to hear, which was the truth. he knows how evil the persons intentions are he picked up on it and told me i will be capable of lasting love when i cut ties from this toxic relationship. I hope my future becomes brighter because i have been dealing with this sad situation for too long. thanks so much.
Dec 2 2016
Member: User_taqztz
Great session and advisor just ran iut of funds
Dec 1 2016
Member: User_mc6fjf
Very quick and on point
Dec 1 2016

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