Member: User_7gyrt5
Jan 23 2017
Member: Earthnote8
Been a long time. Good to connect with Dave again.
Jan 23 2017
Member: User_vwdd8v
Jan 23 2017
Member: User_7mwcaz
Thank you
Jan 22 2017
Member: Heather
Very direct, and picked up quickly and precisely, the attributes of what the person I was asking about. He has given me some good advice to follow. I now know what I can do to help my situation. Thank you David
Jan 22 2017
Member: User_388st4
Always right
Jan 22 2017
Member: Sean
Jan 21 2017
Member: User_i75rhh
Always outstanding!
Jan 20 2017
Member: User_jmfzbu
Jan 18 2017
Member: snailj12
very helpful
Jan 18 2017

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