Member: User_4b9zje
Thank you, David I hope to hear from you soon
Apr 28 2017
Member: User_ivsq72
Apr 27 2017
Member: User_zv5mz8
This guy is so right on when it comes to relationships. I feel so much better after I've had a session with him!
Apr 26 2017
Member: magic jake
Apr 24 2017
Member: User_6mmkyv
unsure... only time can tell
Apr 23 2017
Member: Jazzgirl
Apr 23 2017
Member: User_sd5mea
Good reading
Apr 22 2017
Member: magic jake
Wonderful as always
Apr 22 2017
Member: User_e8xyyd
Very friendly!
Apr 22 2017
Member: mer
Right to the point as usual. Thank you.
Apr 21 2017

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