Member: ramona
good!!! Thanks... hope everithing will be ok
Feb 28 2017
Member: Chocolate
A lot of things are pretty spot on....and I'm feeling so much ease and I can sleep better. Thank you and appreciate it a lot!!!
Feb 27 2017
Member: Lealea
I feel so much better. Thank you for everything
Feb 25 2017
Member: ramona
Thanks!!! very helpful
Feb 19 2017
Member: classicstyle
we will see
Jan 16 2017
Member: Claudette
Jan 16 2017
Member: tweety
I guess I wanted to hear more positive things. i shall wait and see what happens
Jan 10 2017
Member: ramona
Thanks!! Very good as always...
Nov 30 2016
Member: mandy
Nov 10 2016
Member: User_p7a4vf
So insightful thank you once again
Nov 1 2016

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