Member: djbell
Apr 1 2015
Member: Myny15
Thank you Mary for all your help. You truly are one special lady!
Mar 23 2015
Member: Mar
Amazign session, already feel stronger !
Mar 22 2015
Member: User_dctqtc
fantastic and kind woman
Mar 18 2015
Member: als0513
Mar 18 2015
Member: User_gb8xnc
Very good guidance. I appreciated that Mary had an opinion and direction. I have plenty of friends that will listen, I needed someone that could provide me with some answers and help find some clarity and she did just that!
Mar 11 2015
Member: User_2ukaah
Thank you!
Mar 10 2015
Member: gitit001
Can't imagine anyone being more helpful
Mar 8 2015
Member: djbell
Awesome as always
Feb 27 2015
Member: roly
Friendly, open and honest.
Feb 25 2015

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