Member: Kasari
You're going to feel like you've learned something after talking to Ms. Macauley. Her advices are spot on. You won't regret giving her a try!
Jun 29 2015
Member: Kasari
Marnie is sweet, compassionate, and super intelligent. She knows alot & gives you tips & life advice. She is a hardworking generous person, I can't stress that enough.
Jun 26 2015
Member: OldSouledHippie
She was hilarious. Had me cracking up the entire time. Very sweet and supportive. I HIGHLY recommend her.
Jun 20 2015
Member: User_fp53vr
Amazing person, everyone should talk with her wow!!
Jun 16 2015
Member: Philippa28
Jun 12 2015
Member: Philippa28
It's almost 3am here...thank you for the lengthy chat. Hopefully the next time I come on here, I will have a new job:) Talk with you soon!
May 21 2015
Member: User_cxezsc
May 15 2015
Member: User_cxezsc
Excellent. Right to the point and very helpful.
May 2 2015
Member: The_Man_Who
Marnie was amazing, seriously, such a great way of looking at life and at things in general. Loved the way she communicated with me and I left the conversation feeling great.
Apr 30 2015
Member: Philippa28
Talk soon
Apr 30 2015

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